The internship in a translation company: my experience

When I came across the opportunity to perform my translation, I saw it as a great opportunity to continue to learn and be able to really discover as the day-to-day of a translation company. It is true that during your studies, they try to get closer to this reality, but it will never be a complete view. You will not feel the pressure of tight deadlines and urgent files, you will not discover all that entails a part of the fact of translating translation. It must be borne in mind that a translation goes through different phases from the management of the request, the preparation of files, the translation and revision, post production and delivery to the client, in a nutshell. All this vision of project did not get to really understand until you are working in a translation company, and they are basic concepts if we do not make our practices do not get.

In my case, I was lucky to get to do practices in a technical department. Obviously, I knew that she did not have the necessary knowledge related to translation technology, but did not see it as an impediment but as an opportunity to learn another aspect of translation that looked very interesting and that I considered useful for a future. If, as translators, not we consider familiar and make use of these tools that we have to speed up and improve our work, it will be harder to get a job in the future post which is indispensable today. Then, let’s say that I saw it also as an investment for the future, would open me more doors when looking for work. But staff, nor should take it only as something professional, but also as something that get all this new knowledge will enrich us.

Returning to my practice, I would like to highlight two things that were key: feel integrated with the companions and the tutor of practices. I’d like to emphasize the tutor which believe me is a relevant figure and that is essential in our learning. If this person is interested to teach you new things and gives you the freedom to ask questions, you’ll be interested to learn and put more than your part to help. My practices were not actually closely related to the master that I studied, but you have to be open to other possibilities.My practices led me to discover another aspect of translation which I like more than translate. We have to realize that in the world of translation there is that translators, there are managers, technicians, and may that not you had thought it before, but there are other aspects of the world of the translation that you might like much or rather than translate. Therefore, my moral is: NO TE locks doors, there is something more beyond of translation.